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Saturday, January 23, 2010


She did not think very often of the other paths she could have taken. She read short story collections, called her sister in New Mexico, invested a percentage of her earnings in socially responsible funds. She accepted roles in slasher films. She modeled sweaters for QVC, auditioned for sitcoms, had the occasional walk-on in a crime drama. There were touch-ups, though she was only twenty-three. She knew needles were involved, but mostly immersed herself in deep breathing meditations. This was part of being an actress. Spreads for men's magazines, lying in front of cameras with her top off, pretending coy excitement. She was also, privately, a feminist, and a hiker. Her dog was well-adjusted and did not wear jewelry. She was one of a small number of beautiful people who awaken to find themselves earning a living with their faces and bodies and mouths, one among the galaxy of minor stars.

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