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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lists 2: Night shift

9 am. Temperature 34, clouds bright but thick, passerby twelve.
9:14 am. Oranges must be peeled in single spiral, else unclean.
9:27 am. Phone Gretchen, get reports on son, dad, weather six miles southeast.
10:01 am. Nap on couch thanks to blissful heat from oven.
12:31 pm. Out of oranges. Also Cream of Wheat, rice.
12:42 pm. Aim to leave, cannot leave, cannot be sure I would not leave oven on, ignite house, immolate journals and pathetic wardrobe.
12:43 pm. Also cannot be sure I would line plants up in correct order. Might disappoint plants.
12:44 pm. Chair, couch, bed.
5:00 pm. Call from Gretchen, rent not paying itself, etc., OK, OK.
5:41 pm. Outfits unfit. Sweaters stretched, taupe, beige. Drowning in ocean of neutrals.
6:12 pm. Beige must suffice.
6:14 pm. But better with orange lipstick.
6:22 pm. Time to go.
6:28 pm. Time to go. Time to go.
6:29 pm. But rituals.
6:59 pm. Must buy fireproof lockbox for journals; can't stand this every day.
7:04 pm. Plants wary but wet. Sleep tight beautiful greens!
7:06 pm. Off to work. Late in both senses of the word. Good night world.

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