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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

9 p.m.

“Hi, would you like a bag?”
“Oh! Oh man, I forgot my cloth bags, it’s so stupid of me, I keep them right in the car and so you’d think I’d never forget them, but somehow I do, I’m usually really good about it— Callim, Shard, guess what, we got everything on Mommy’s list but we forgot the bags again! I hate wasting trees, I’m so sorry!”
“Oh, I guess a bag.”
“Are these clementines or satsumas?”
“They’re… yeah, satsumas.”
“Um, your kids are running out the door there, I just wouldn’t want them to get run over in the parking lot…”
“Callim, Shard, come here! Get back in here! Get— OK, thank you very much for trying to go outside when you have outdoors energy, but Mommy needs you here—“
“Mommy, you said I could have a cookie before we came in here— Mommeeeee, listen—“
“Bwownie! Bwownie!”
“Mommy, you said—”
“OK. OK. Brownie and cookie. After we’re done.”
“Bwownie for me? My bwownie?”
“Yes. Yes. Your brownie.”
“Your total’s $65.18.”

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