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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Greetings earthlings.

That's what the training program says we usually say. Or just come in and start blowing stuff up. Makes me titter. Why would you go someplace just to destroy it, not even sightsee first? I guess that's something homo sapiens sapiens do, though. Take me to your leader, that's next. No, really I want to try out this water stuff. And I want to hear the noises of flies, and eat kelp straight from the sea. And sleep! I'm a little afraid of that, but the manuals say it only lasts a little while, and doesn't hurt. Actually maybe it would be better if I slept a very long time. It might help me learn to forget. I'm not supposed to try these things, but I've thought it through. I'll stay hazy during, so nobody here will notice, and then I can pretend I got lost on the way back, to account for gaps in my eras. Heaven knows Rrina and her moons won't miss me. Maybe this will make her regret blowing gases at me when she told me never to return.

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